Co-counsel & Referral Opportunities
Nathan considers referrals from his peers to be the highest form of flattery and the Veldhuis Law Group takes great pride in its ability to maximize results on referred cases. Nathan welcomes opportunities to accept referrals or to serve as Virginia co-counsel with you on a case. Nathan can assist with the litigation process, or at any phase of your case, and we look forward to providing your clients with the same quality of service, commitment to clients, and dedication to results that we provide our own clients.

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Has Your Personal Injury Case Been Removed to Federal Court?
Many times personal injury cases are begun by other attorneys, then subsequently removed from state court to federal court. Many times these cases are referred to Nathan because of his expertise in aggressively prosecuting federal personal injury cases. These are cases which many Virginia lawyers withdraw from, or send to the Veldhuis Law Group as soon as they are sent to federal court, because of the extreme, ever-changing procedural complexities of federal court.

Many times these are cases against huge Trucking Companies, involving terrifying trucking crashes caused by the negligence or aggressiveness of the truck drivers, along with cases against shopping malls, major chain restaurants, service stations, grocery stores, Walmart, Lowe’s, and other massive corporations. These giant Companies virtually always remove cases from state court to federal court, where Nathan has a demonstrated track record of success spanning 15+ years and has resulted in significant recoveries for clients and the referring attorneys. Nathan is licensed in the Eastern District of Virginia (the so called, “Rocket Docket”, because it is one of the fastest moving Judicial Districts in the entire country) and in the Western District of Virginia, and he has a proven track record in handling complex civil cases in Federal Court against some of the largest corporations in the country.

Federal Practice presents many unique challenges that even the most experienced litigators can find daunting, however, Nathan has experienced all manners of defense strategies in Federal Court and we would be happy to speak with you about your case.

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